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Mrs. Radhika Singh


Mrs. Radhika Singh, a graduate from Kanpur University, with a major in Child Psychology and, an alumni of St. Mary’s Convent High School, Kanpur. Has been recognised across the city of Kanpur for excellence in preparing students for various challenges in their school life including, but not limited to preparation of nursery students for primary school. Her approach towards organisation of activities for students highly emphasizes on the creation of a productive learning environment that is student- centered. Daily interactions and dealings with students of age groups, training and guidance of students facing various issues with curriculum, assignments, examinations and decision-making have been a way of life for her. 18 years of experience in supervising, integrated with a passion for teaching have accounted for a major part of her life as well as her teaching career.

She believes in giving a good educational exposure along with development of innovative skills. She knows how to empower the little kids with confidence, self-esteem, creativity and imagination. She aims to give children as many learning opportunities and experiences as possible in order to engage, motivate and prepare them for future life. An appropriate curriculum with a blend of challenges, decision- making, motivation to achieve and teamwork is essential in developing children’s skills, knowledge and understanding. We, at J.K. Kids encourage our children on ‘how to think’ rather than ‘what to think’.

Meet Our Management & Team

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