Our Approach

Active learning is the source of developing a child’s mind, body, and soul. At JK Kids, we emphasize on a plan-do-review approach in which a child makes choices, carries out their ideas, and reflects on what they learned.

These activities aid initiative and advance confidence. In addition, children engage in group activities, socialize during meals, develop self-care skills, and exercise large muscles during outdoor time.

Our curriculum is intended and designed to enable children to flourish academically, personally, socially and emotionally. We offer small class sizes and ideal student to teacher ratios. This enables the teachers to have a powerful impact on each child’s development by giving them the individual attention that is essential during their early years.


At JK Kids, we promote,

  • Warm relationships with the adults and the other children in their classroom
  • ‘Who, Why, What, How Model’ of learning
  • Age-appropriate learning experience
  • Respect for each child
  • Emphasis on Art as the chosen medium to represent and reflect children’s thinking
  • Safe and exciting outdoor space

We want you, as a parent, to look into our busy, happy, noisy, creative classrooms and see your child at work and play.